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Business meeting
Sept. 18, 2015

The meeting was called to order at noon by Secretary Richard M. Reder, Zenobia. In attendance were Ed Christy, Murah; Joe Joity, Antioch; Bill Stanton, Murah; Scott Abbs, Mizpah; John Thompson, Medinah; Bob Stoops, Medinah and Jeff Zaring, Murah.

The secretary thanked everyone for attending, and that he felt very gratified with the interest in the Assn. and its continuation. He also said that one year ago, there was practically no information available to him, except a few Email addresses and names. ALL information from the 2015 games here in Perrysburg will be copied to discs, and those discs sent to the new officers, making their jobs infinitely easier. No sense reinventing the wheel!

A brief discussion regarding the rules of the games was had, the consensus being that they should continue as they are. Keep it simple!

Member entry fees for solo competitors will be raised to $10. Member band fees to continue as they are, but may be adjusted if needed. Non-member solo fees will include membership fee of $25 for a total of $35. Non-member band fees will include membership fee of $100 for a total of $125.

With the completion of the games in Toledo and the forthcoming financial report, a budget can be established.

2016 games will be held in Indianapolis, Ind. (Murah) on Friday, Sept. 11. Location to be announced. We can expect a Highlander degree to be held that weekend. Further Game dates are 2017, Springfield, Ill.; 2018, Grand Rapids, MI. (Orak) and 2019, Columbus Ohio.

Officers for 2016 are:
President: John Griffin, Medinah Secretary: Bobby Stoops, Medinah
777 Leslie Lane 640 Evergreen Lane
Frankfort ILL 60432 Hoffman Estates, Ill. 60169
219-742-6337 600-890-8347
Treasurer: Scott Abbs, Mizpah Chairman: William Stanton
731 E. Northshore 13742 Royal Saddle Dr.
Syracuse, Ind. 46567 Carmel, Ind. 46032
C: 317-432-0977 C: 954-547-2833
H: 317-432-6380 H: 317-844-9549

Respectfully submitted,

Richard M. Reder
Tired Secretary

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