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September 21, 2018

GLSA 2018 Wrap Up


Greeting Highlanders,


2018 GLSA is done. We held competition at Cascade Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan and we had a very good turnout. Weather was pretty warm and it stayed dry even though they had rain in the morning, but thre was a pretty strong wind all day so it was a little challenging with the drones and the bass drum from Medinah. The Medinah drum was blown off the table before competition and it cracked. Orak loaned them theirs for the competition and pub crawl. Bob Stoops had to eat a little crow as he was beating on the Orak drum.


After the competition and awards, everyone went back to the hotel to enjoy all the hospitality rooms hosted by the various temples.


At 6:30pm, 12 Pipers & 7 Drums call the President Tom Russell Presidents Dinner to order in great style. Check it out on Face Book below.


After the playing for the Presidents dinners, about 30 of us loaded into vans and headed to Downtown Grand Rapids for a little pub crawl. 1st stop was a fire station that just happened to be across the street from our drop off point and we surprised the crew on duty with Amazing Grace.
As we head down the street for Veterans Park, someone spots a storefront where they were doing one of those paint and wine things, of course we couldn’t pass that up. We started outside by the window and ended up inside playing a couple of tunes.

From the painting party, we went on down the street to a couple more pubs and Breweries.

Hey Bob – where did you find that drum???


The trip home from the pub crawl was also interesting…… someone figured out that you can play the pipes while sitting down in a van with low ceiling van….. of course, the drummers had to join in on the fun using the back of the seats as a drum.
Ended the weekend with the Parade followed by the Highland Degree put on by Medinah.
Many thanks to Tom Russell for helping get everything setup and Mitchell DeVries and crew for putting up with the Highlanders!!!
Election of officers were held following the competition; all officers remained the same.
Bobby Stoops – President (Medinah)
Bill Stanton - VP (Murat)
Scott Abbs - Secretary/Treasurer (Mizpah)
Next year on to Grove City, Ohio which will be hosted by Aladdin Temple. We are hoping that everyone will make plans to joining the fun. If you have any questions, comments or need help please feel free to contact Bobby Bill or myself.
Bobby Stoops (Medinah) Scott Abbs (Mizpah) Bill (Moose) Stanton
640 Evergreen Lane 731 E. Northshore Dr. 13742 Saddle Dr.
Hoffman Estates, IL Syracuse, IN 46567 Carmel, IN 46032
600-890-8347 (cell) 317-432-0977 (cell) 954-547-2833

“Pipes Up”

Scott Abbs

Mizpah Shrine

GLSBPA Secretary/Treasurer


Awards for 2018

Band 1st Place Medinah
Grade 1 Piper 1st Place Tom Houts - Medinah
2nd Place Jonathon Cole - Medinah
3rd Place Jeff McIlrath - Medinah
Grade 2 Piper 1st Place Ed Christy - Murat
2nd Place John Ludwig - Medinah
3rd Place Scott Abbs - Mizpah
Grade 3 Piper 1st Place Andre Ciesla - Medinah
2nd Place John Richmand - Orak
Chanter 1st Place Mark Lemus - Orak
2nd Place Joe Malatia - Medinah
Bass Drum 1st Place Bob Stoops - Medinah
Tennor Drum 1st Place Don Marquardt - Medinah
2nd Place Bob LaPorte - Medinah
Snare Grade 1 1st Place John Thomson - Medinah
2nd Place Jim Ferguson - Medinah
Snare Grade 2 1st Place Allen Wolak - Orak
2nd Place Keith Krysa - Medinah
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