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As Proposed
September 13, 2013

SECTION 1. Name.

The name of the organization shall be the “Great Lakes Shrine Band Association” (GLSBA), hereafter referred to as the “GLSBA”.


SECTION 2. Jurisdiction.

The participating musical units shall be from Shrine Temple Bands not covered by an existing Great Lakes Shrine Association (GLSA) Not covered by an existing GLSA organization, including, but not limited to: Dance/Show Bands, Dixieland Bands, German/Polka Bands, Clown Bands or a bonafide Center unit. All participating musical units must be from a Center that is a member of the GLSA.


SECTION 3. Annual Meeting.

A regular meeting of the GLSBA, designated session as the Annual Meeting, shall be held during the annual session of the GLSA. The meeting shall be held on the first full day as determined by the GLSA President. The time and place of the GLSBA meeting will be determined by the GLSBA Executive Committee and communicated to GLSBA members.


SECTION 4. Fiscal Year.

The fiscal year of the GLSBA shall be January 1st through December 31st each year. Dues and terms of office are based on the GLSBA fiscal year as will be described in various sections of this document.


SECTION 1. Purpose.

The purpose of the GLSBA shall be the promotion of good fellowship among its members, to provide a medium of exchange of ideas, plans and programs for the advancement and perpetuation of Shrine Bands.


SECTION 2. Additional Purpose.

To keep all Shrine Center Bandsmen informed of pertinent events of interest; foster and promote a competitive spirit for playing all types of music.


SECTION 1. Authorized Membership.

Membership in the GLSBA shall consist of, and be limited to, Bands which are recognized Units of a Shrine Center within the jurisdiction of the GLSA as covered in Article I, Section 2 above, and having paid the GLSBA dues by December 31 of the previous year.

SECTION 2. Elected Delegates.
Each member band shall elect two Band members, as official delegates to the GLSBA, who, upon presentation of a valid photo ID to the Executive Secretary will be seated as voting and participating delegates at meetings of the GLSBA. Each member band can elect two alternates, who on presentation of a valid photo ID, will serve as delegate, or delegates in the absence of either or both regularly elected delegates.
SECTION 3. General Membership.
The general Membership consists of all bonafide members of GLSBA certified bands for whom the member bands shall have paid annual dues. General members are invited to attend the GLSBA open annual meeting as non-voting participants.


SECTION 1. Elective Officers.
The elective officers of the GLSBA shall be:
• President,
• President-Elect,
• Vice President,
• Executive Secretary, and
• Treasurer.
SECTION 2. Qualifications.
Qualifications for election of officers shall include the following:
A. Membership in a Member Band in good standing in the GLSBA.
B. A candidate for Presidency of the GLSBA shall be a President or Past President, Director or Past Director, or Present or Past Secretary of a member band.
SECTION 3. Election of Officers.
A. The President, President-Elect, and Vice President shall be nominated, elected and installed at each Annual Meeting. They shall serve for a term of two years beginning at the end of the current GLSA session and they shall serve until the conclusion of the next annual meeting; at which time their successors in office shall be elected and installed. Elected officers should not serve more than two consecutive elected terms of office.
B. The Executive Secretary and Treasurer shall be appointed by the Executive Committee at each annual meeting and shall serve until the conclusion of the next annual meeting.
C. An elected officer who has served a half year or more, shall be considered as having completed a full year in that office.
SECTION 4. Officer Vacancies.

A. In the event of the death or resignation, of the President, the President-Elect shall immediately succeed to that office. If less than half a term remains, the President-Elect shall have the option of serving another full term as President. In the event of the death or resignation of any other officers, all remaining officers shall ascend one position. The office of Vice President shall remain empty until the next Annual Meeting of the GLSBA

B. In the event of the death or resignation, of the Executive Secretary or Treasurer the open position shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee (see Article VI, Section 1).

C. All GLSBA officers and member Bands shall be notified immediately of changes to the list of elected and appointed officers by letter.


SECTION 1. President.
The President shall preside at all meetings of the GLSBA; appoint all necessary committees including the three (3) at large members of the Executive Committee; conduct the affairs of the GLSBA between the annual meetings, and perform such other duties as pertain to his office. He shall be ex-officio member of all committees.
SECTION 2. President-Elect.
The President-Elect shall perform all the duties of the President in the event of the absence or death of the President. He shall perform such other duties as delegated by the President.
SECTION 3. Vice President.
The Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President-Elect in the event of the absence or death of the President-Elect. He shall perform such other duties as delegated by the President.
SECTION 4. Executive Secretary.
The Executive Secretary shall record minutes at all meetings and maintain all necessary GLSBA correspondence both within and without the GLSBA. He will: keep complete and accurate records of all GLSBA transactions; verify credentials of all voting delegates for seating and voting privileges at the GLSBA annual meeting; serve as an ex-officio member of all committees; and, at the expiration of his term, he shall deliver to his successor all books, papers, correspondence, and all other GLSBA related items.
SECTION 5. Treasurer.
The Treasurer shall collect all revenue which shall be on deposit in a special account in the name of the GLSBA; make all deposits to such account; make checks to pay all authorized charges to the GLSBA; sign all such checks, reconcile bank statements, make semi-annual reports of all activities, receipts, and disbursements to each officer of the GLSBA at the Mid-Winter and Annual Meeting; and shall deliver to his successor all moneys, books, papers, and correspondence of the office of Treasurer and belonging to the GLSBA.
SECTION 6. SBANA Representation.
The President and/or Executive Secretary shall represent the GLSBA at the Annual Meeting of the Shrine Band Association of North America, or the President shall appoint an alternate, in the event neither of the above is able to attend. GLSBA funds will not expended to reimburse any attendees.
SECTION 7. Mandatory Participation.
Any elected officer who fails to attend the Mid-Year Planning Conference or the Annual Meeting shall forfeit his office and be replaced, unless in the opinion of a majority of the Executive Committee his absence is unavoidable.


SECTION 1. Executive Committee.
An “Executive Committee” composed of the elected and appointed officers of the GLSBA and the three representatives at large appointed by the President (See Article V, Section 1) shall have general supervision and management of the GLSBA. The three (3) immediate Past Presidents of the GLSBA shall be members of this Committee. This Committee shall meet immediately before the Annual Meeting of the GLSBA, and at such other times as may be directed by the President. The Executive Committee shall have voting privileges at the annual meetings.
SECTION 2. Nominating Committee.
A. Every two years a “Nominating Committee” composed of four (4) members (preferably Past President’s of the GLSBA) of which each shall be from a separate member Center Band, shall be appointed by the President at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting of the GLSBA in an election year. The President shall name the Chairman. The committee shall prepare a slate of officers (President, President Elect and Vice President) which is sent to the Executive Secretary in an election year for inclusion in the GLSBA Annual Meeting notice.
B. Nominations may also be made by voting delegates from the floor at the GLSBA Annual Meeting.
SECTION 3. Ad Hoc Committees.
The President shall have the authority to appoint ad hoc committees as he may deem proper to function during his term of office for the purpose of supporting and promoting the activities of the GLSBA.
SECTION 4. Mandatory Participation.
Any Executive Committee member who fails to attend the Mid-Year Planning Conference or the Annual Meeting shall forfeit his office and be replaced, unless in the opinion of a majority of the Executive Committee his absence is unavoidable.


SECTION 1. Annual Dues.
A. Annual Dues are payable by January 1 covering the fiscal st year period from January 1st till December 31st of each year. Annual Dues will be declared delinquent if unpaid within 60 days of the due date. A list of band members from each Center shall accompany the remitted dues.
B. The annual dues are $10.00 per band member and can be adjusted by the Executive Committee upon review of the Annual Budget.
SECTION 2. Audit Committee.
The President may order an audit of the GLSBA financial records by naming an Audit Committee, consisting of up to three (3) members of the GLSBA at any time.
SECTION 3. Executive Secretary Report.
A. At the GLSBA Annual Meeting, the Executive Secretary shall present a financial report, showing all receipts and disbursements for the previous year.
SECTION 4. Annual Budget.
A. An Annual Budget prepared by the Executive committee at the Mid Winter Planning Conference shall be presented at the Annual Meeting.
B. The voting members shall vote to accept this proposed Annual Budget.
C. If the Annual Budget is disapproved, the meeting becomes a Committee of the Whole to revise the Annual Budget until it is Accepted.
SECTION 5. Budget Adjustments.
A. The Executive Secretary shall propose an Annual Budget to the Executive Committee at the Mid-Winter Meeting for the next Fiscal Year for review and approval.
B. The Dues of the GLSBA from each member Temple Band will be adjusted annually at the Mid-Winter meeting in relation to the budget approved by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VIII - Member Officer and Delegate Form.

The secretary of each Member Band shall furnish the Executive Secretary of the GLSBA a complete and accurate list of all elected officers and official delegates and/or alternate delegates of his Band. This information shall also designate to whom all official mail of the GLSBA will be sent.


SECTION 1. By-Law Changes.
A. These By-Laws may be amended by notice of proposed changes, which must be submitted to the Executive Secretary at least sixty (60) days prior to an Annual Meeting.
B. Proposed changes shall be submitted to each member Band at least thirty (30) days prior to the next Annual Meeting.
C. These changes will appear on the agenda of the Annual Meeting under the topic “New Business.”
D. A two-thirds affirmative vote of certified delegates in attendance is necessary for the adoption of any By-Law change.


SECTION 1. Annual Meeting Quorum.
A. A quorum is required to conduct GLSBA business at the Annual Meeting.
B. A quorum shall consist of one-half (½) the total certified voting delegates. Voting members includes the GLSBA Executive Committee and the total delegates from the member Centers. An active center shall be designated as those Centers which have paid their GLSBA dues by December 31st of the prior year.
SECTION 2. Regular Meeting Notice.
Notice of any regular meeting shall be deemed to have been given when a written notice thereof shall have been communicated to the Executive Committee and the delegates of the member band. This notice shall be transmitted to the last known address as it appears on the records of the GLSBA. Such notice shall be given not less than 30 days prior to the date of such meeting.
SECTION 3. Motion Carried.
All motions, except those relating to the passage and acceptance of these By-Laws and/or By-Law Amendments, shall be deemed carried, when the GLSBA Executive Secretary has received a majority of votes indicated by all eligible voting delegates.
SECTION 4. Open Meeting.
The Annual Meeting of the GLSBA is an open meeting, and all members of the GLSBA are welcomed and encouraged to participate.
SECTION 5. Mid-Winter Planning Conference.
A. Unless otherwise coordinated, a Mid-Year Planning Conference at the location of the next GLSA Session shall be held for the purpose of planning for the Annual Meeting and band activities in the geographical environs of the Center hosting the next GLSA Session.
B. Dates and times of the Planning Conference are to be coordinated among the GLSBA President, GLSBA Executive Secretary, the Host Director General and the Host Band President/Captain/ Manager/Director of each host band.
C. Notice of the Conference will be sent to members of the Executive Committee at least (30) days prior to the date of such meeting. Additionally, invitations to attend the conference will be sent to member Bands that do not have a representative on the Executive Committee.


SECTION 1. Business Meeting Agenda.
The order of business of the GLSBA Annual Meeting shall be as follows:
A. Roll Call and Seating of Delegates
B. Reading of Minutes
C. Reports of Officers
D. Reports of Committees
E. Bills and Communications
F. Unfinished Business
G. New Business
H. Nominations and Election of Officers and Executive Committeeman
I. Installation of Officers/Executive Committeemen
J. Good and Welfare
SECTION 2. Agenda Conformance.
The order of business shall conform to the foregoing, as far as necessary.
SECTION 3. Robert’s Rules of Order.
All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the most current version of Robert’s Rules of Order.


Approved in the business meeting held September 13, 2013 by two thirds (b) vote of the accredited representatives of the Great Lakes Shrine Band Association.

For the Great Lakes Shrine Band Association:
For the Great Lakes Shrine Association:
Doug Sorrell, GLSA President                                                                            Date:                                          
Larry Chapel, GLSA Secretary/Treasurer                                                           Date:                                          
For Shriners International:
Approved: W. Warren Upton                                                                             Date:                                           
Chairman of Jurisprudence and Laws Committee

Approved: Alan W. Madsen                                                                               Date:                                           



1. Band Demographics Form.

2. Meeting Agenda.

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