About the Great Lakes Shrine Band Association

The Great Lakes Shrine Band Association (GLSBA) is authorized and recognized by the Great Lakes Shrine Association under the auspices of the Shrine Imperial Council of Tampa, Florida.

The GLSBA is governed by an Executive Committee elected by the membership at the Annual GLSA Session. GLSBA Membership is open to all regular Shrine Band Nobles in good standing at their Shrine Centers. Membership is yearly from January 1st. to December 31st. Dues are al $10.00 per member.

The purpose and main function of The GLSBA is to provide a musical outlet for all Shrine Bands in the Great Lakes; with the exception of Oriental Bands, Pipe Bands, and Drum Corp; the opportunity to assemble at a designated GLSBA site, meet as brothers, in fellowship, through music. At these sessions GLSBA provides a performance site to showcase the talents of Great Lakes Shrine Center Bands in a musical competition called a “Festival of Music”. The program for the “Festival of Music” includes competitions in Concert Band, German Band, Polka Band, Dance Band, Show Band, and Small Ensembles consisting of three to seven performers.

“Festival of Music” competitions are held at the GLSBA Headquarters Hotel and are judged to a set of standards established by the GLSBA with plaques awarded to entrants. Results of the competition are judged by qualified band judges from high schools and colleges in the GLSA vicinity.

The all-inclusive Great Lakes Massed Band is available to all GLSBA members and authorized guests. The Great Lakes Massed Band is held at the GLSA Headquarters Hotel. GLSA member Shrine Center Bands who wish to attend the GLSA Massed Band can have appropriate music for a massed band. A rehearsal will be held after the competition. Performances include a general concert advertised at the Session for any attendees and immediately before the GLSA President’s dinner.

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